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Condominium management

As an administrator for third-party assets, our cooperation is based on a special trust. It requires personal reliability, impartiality and special knowledge of real estate law. The different individual interests of the owners must be taken into account; the common goal of the owners should be to secure and increase the value of the property.

The diverse tasks include:


  • Preparation and conduction of owners' meetings and implementation of the resolutions adopted

  • Drawing up the annual housing allowance statement on the basis of the payment transactions recorded during the financial year

  • Preparation of the business plan for the business year in question
  • Keeping the book of resolutions in accordance with the WEG law
  • Management of rent deposit accounts
  • Separate investment and planning of the use of the maintenance reserve
  • Punctual collection of all charges and costs (housing benefit) and other payments
  • Punctual payment of operating costs and annuities after prior checking
  • Bookkeeping according to the regulations of the WEG
  • Review of the insurance needs of the property at the start of the contract. Conclusion and termination of insurance contracts. Claims processing with the insurance companies
  • Recruitment and dismissal, instruction and supervision of auxiliary staff (caretakers, cleaning staff, etc.)
  • Commissioning of specialists such as architects, experts, lawyers, heating cost accounting companies, etc. to the necessary extent
  • Conclusion and termination of all contracts required within the scope of administrative tasks (e.g. heating maintenance, elevator maintenance, etc.)
  • Representation of the owners' association in external relationships, i.e. towards individual owners and third parties, in and out of court
  • Assertion of claims of the community against third parties as well as against individual members of the community
  • Total traffic with authorities, craftsmen and public utilities
This is just an extract of the diverse, complex and time-consuming tasks of an administrator.

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