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Special property management

With the purchase of a property you become a member of a community of owners, which is subject to many legal regulations. If you do not use the property yourself, the special property management is responsible for looking after your rented apartment.

The distinction between you as the landlord of a property and a member of a community of owners requires special knowledge and, of course, time. This is where an administration can significantly relieve you.

  • Renting your condominium / conclusion of rental contracts
  • Acceptance of notices
  • Execution of preliminary and final acceptance and handover of the rented premises
  • Proper rental accounting
  • Monitoring the receipt of rental payments, rent collection and assertion of all claims to which the owner is entitled under the lease
  • Preparation of the service charge settlements for your tenant
  • Commissioning, monitoring and inspecting of repairs within your home
  • Management of the deposit
  • Conducting all correspondence with the tenant
  • Receipt and processing of all inquiries from your tenants regarding the rented apartment


In short, all matters that belong to the proper management and care of special property together with the associated special rights of use.

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